Bank Routing Number

What is Bank Routing Number?

The Bank Routing code or number is a nine-digit code based for bank account owners in the United States of America. The account number, usually a 10-12 digit number is specific and unique to your personal account. The account number is the first set of numbers printed on the bottom left corner of a check.

The Bank Routing Numbers are the second set of numbers printed on the bottom of the check, just beside the bank account number. Bank Routing Code or Routing Transit Number (RTN) is a nine digit code which is utilised to identify a bank or any financial institution in a transaction. Transaction are now commonly ACH and wire transfers.

Some banks and credit agencies may have multiple routing numbers which are used for different purposes, branches or purely due to geographical reasons.


Routing Number Checker

Although Bank Routing numbers are printed on the bottom of all checks, they can also be found on the online banking sites of any financial institution

How to search routing number?

Searching for a Bank’s Routing Number of a particular bank on the internet is pretty easy. Almost all the banks have mentioned it on their websites including the Bank of America. However, since they are used mainly for online transactions and wire transfers, it is important for you to get the correct Routing number. One can also call up the bank directly to know it if you are not so sure about it yourself.

Bank of america routing number

It is also called as ABA (American Bankers Association) number and primarily assigned to send and receive money from other banks and financial institutions.

The bank routing numbers help the banking officials and the machines to identify where exactly the money is supposed to go. This ensures that the check or the wire transfer for Bank of America will never go to the American Bank and so on and so forth.

One bank may have more than one routing number, but no two banks will have the same routing number ever. They are used in a variety of financial tasks and transactions. Some of the important tasks that can be achieved through them are Direct Deposits, Automatic Bill Payments, Check Processing and Wire Transfers.

This helps a person be completely sure that the check that he or she is taking would actually get the money as promised from the payer’s bank.

The routing numbers would be used in the electronic check cashing networks. The banks first acquired the ability to make electronic copies of checks for transportation way back in the 1960s, and the bank routing number was instrumental in that. This provision have made the process of payments almost instantaneous.


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